Paper Clock

Published October 10, 2012 by Origami Architecture

Last semester I made clocks for one of my senior projects. They are made out of translucent sheets of acrylic which I had laser cut. The added color is enamel paint. I’ve been wanting to make clocks for a while, so I’m glad I got around to it. I hope to make a couple more soon.

Eyes clock.

This clock has dials which rotate to tell the time as opposed to typical hands. The numbers at the 12 o’clock position tell the current time. The eyes around the perimeter are the eyes of father time, trying to keep you on task.

Peacock clock.

This clock was inspired by a clock I saw in Prague. People would sit around it waiting for something to happen, I’m assuming it was like a cuckoo clock but I never got to see it in action. I thought it was neat and wanted to create  a clock that created a similar moment of anticipation without the cuckoo, hence the “peacock clock”. This clock is white, but reveals color when the hour hand and minute hand overlap. The outer plumes correlate to when these moments occur, 22 times a day, 11 times every 12 hours.

Peacock clock showing color.

Wilt clock.

I made this clock to show aging. At first I wanted to design something that changed visually over time, but then I chose a more literal/superficial approach. I’m planning to make new, more legible hands for this clock soon.


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